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by Shelley Rice

jeudepaume.org  April 26, 2012

“Do not awaken from your dreams, it’s too soon.” Duane Michals

I met Duane Michals when I was 24 years old. Throughout the years, he has been what I call my “spiritual advisor,” my role model in living life to the fullest. I was delighted to learn that the French producers (Terra Luna Films’ Anne Morien and France Saint Leger) of a new documentary about Michals’ life and work would be willing to let me post the trailer for the film on this blog; they, in turn, were happy about my plan to interview both Duane and New York co-producer Véronique Bernard. Morien and Saint Leger wrote a wonderful essay about the work-in-progress which was originally published in French for La Lettre de la Photographie (the Naudet brothers’ blog). Bernard has translated the text and I have edited it for an English speaking audience. Following this letter is the six minute trailer, a teaser for what is now a 90-minute documentary film (which is almost finished: the producers are currently fundraising to help defray post-production costs). As will be evident from the short clip, director Camille Guichard had a particular concept in mind while making this film. He wanted the documentary to bring forth emotions rather than historical facts. Instead of a predetermined biographical chronology, the work explores what he calls a “kaleidoscope of photographic sequences.” And then, finally, after the clip, as the pièce de resistance I’ve posted a short interview with Michals himself, who discusses what he has learned and what he has attempted to express in this latest creative endeavor.

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Watch the film’s trailer: http://vimeo.com/24129550

Duane Michals: The Man Who Invented Himself: a film coming soon. 90mn, HD, directed by Camille Guichard, produced by Anne Morien & France Saint Léger – Terra Luna Films in association with Véronique Bernard – Iliad Entertainment.


by Stephen Perloff

The Photography Collector – March 2012

You could become a film producer!

The producers of Duane Michals: The Man Who Invented Himself are currently submitting the film to festivals such as Cannes, Rome, Venice, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago for consideration. (You can see a trailer here: http://vimeo.com/24129550.) But the film is not finished and cannot be screened in its current form. And they have run out of money! In order to complete the color correction, original music, titles, sound mix, sweetening, and final finishing so it can be released theatrically, they are short by $50,000.

If you would like to see this film made and to help it see the light of day, the production team is offering the following premiums for your tax-deductible donation:

• From $100 donation: Pre-release DVD copy of the film

• From $250 donation: DVD and invitation to the premiere in New York

• From $500 donation: DVD, premiere and participation in a Masterclass with Duane Michals

• For a $1,000 or more donation: Invitation to private screening, Q&A and reception with Duane Michals (+DVD)

• For a $2,000 or more donation: Invitation to private dinner with Duane Michals (+DVD)

• For a $5,000 or more donation: Duane Michals Japanese Print, signed and numbered (+DVD, premiere)

• For a $10,000 or more donation: Your portrait taken by Duane Michals (+DVD, premiere)

All donors will also receive a credit in the film as follows:

• Up to $999: Special Thanks

• From $1,000–$4,999: Contributing Producer

• From $5,000: Contributing Executive Producer

Visit http://www.filmforum.org/support/more/sponsorship and under Film Title click on «Iliad Entertainment/DUANE MICHALS: THE MAN WHO INVENTED HIMSELF» in the drop down menu.

There is a $50 minimum and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

As the producers — Anne Morien, France Saint Leger, and Veronique Bernard of Terra Luna Films and Iliad Entertainment write, “Thank you for helping us to complete the film and we look forward to sharing it with you!”

Duane Michals, The man who invented himself

Le Journal de la Photographie – Feb 21, 2012

It was 2009 and we were headed to the South of France for the Recontres d’Arles. A large Duane Michals retrospective was planned that year, and we were curious to rediscover his work that spanned half a century.

The exhibition was held at the Archevêché. The quality of the photographs selected for the show was clear, but there was a peculiar ambiance in the halls. The public was simply enraptured by Michals’ stories, his series, his words, his thoughts. Viewers of all ages were transfixed by the photographer’s poetic world. And we followed the wave of people, fascinated, amused, touched. Never has an exhibition caused to many laughs and mischievous looks. The visit concluded with Duane Michals himself Moonwalking for the spectators. That night, at the ancient theatre, the house was packed and the day’s infatuation lingered. It wasn’t clear who was having more fun: Duane Michals or his audience. One thing was certain: we would have to make a film about him.

Anne Morien, Producer

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